Carbon Bins is not carbon offsetting

Thinking of carbon pollution as waste that needs to be disposed of provides us with a new perspective through which to view the challenge of fighting climate change. 

Carbon Bins presents a new approach for dealing with climate change: just as there are bins in our environment for collecting trash, and toilets in our homes and offices for collecting sewage, we aim to provide bins for carbon pollution. Therefore, just as you might pick up a piece of trash on the street (one form of pollution)  and put it in the bin, we enable you to do the same thing for carbon pollution.

Via the collection of small donations, we crowdfund the removal of carbon pollution from our atmosphere. Once enough donations have been received, we purchase carbon credits generated from projects involving the planting of native trees to remove carbon from the atmosphere and restore biodiversity to the landscape. 

It enables us to frame carbon pollution in the same way that we do the trash in our streets: Picking up trash is something we can all do, even if we are not personally responsible for it being there in the first place. The motive behind picking it up isn’t to cancel-out or offset all the times you may have inadvertently littered – the motive comes from simply wanting to make your local environment and world a cleaner, better place.  

Carbon Bins goes beyond ‘traditional’ carbon offsetting by encouraging and allowing individuals to bin carbon pollution - even if it’s not theirs. If we all pitched in to bin a little more, then we all benefit from a clean community and hopefully, a cooler planet. It's not a silver bullet, it's one more thing we can all do.