We crowdfund the removal of CO2 pollution the atmosphere

Your donation helps put trees in the ground

While we all need to alter our activities to drastically reduce the carbon pollution we make, we also need to begin removing the carbon pollution we've previously dumped into our atmosphere. When you see one of our tap-and-go donation points in your local bar, café or bakery, you can make a contribution to Carbon Bins, from as little as $2. Your donation is invested into Australian carbon reduction projects, such as native tree-planting initiatives. These projects remove carbon from our atmosphere and restore biodiversity in the landscape. Over the longer term, our aim is to develop and fund new projects, using ground-breaking technology to reduce and manage carbon.

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Donations made to us for carbon removal are pooled. Once we have received a sufficient amount of these, we purchase Australian Carbon Credit Units (ACCUs). The Australian Government’s Clean Energy Regulator defines these units as representing ‘…one tonne of carbon dioxide equivalent (tCO2-e) stored or avoided by a project’. Carbon Bins currently purchases ACCUs at cost from Australian based supplier, CO2 AustraliaWhile the spot price for ACCUs at the end of Quarter 3 in 2020 was around $16, the price we pay will be subject to variations in the market at the time of purchase. Details of the purchase will be published on our website. 

Our founding partner, CO2 Australia is helping us make this happen 

CO2 Australia generates ACCUs via a variety of means, those purchased by Carbon Bins are sourced from Australian based afforestation and reforestation projects. Each ACCU generated from these projects represents one tonne of carbon dioxide equivalent (tCO2-e) removed from our atmosphere and stored within these trees and in the soil around them. 

ACCUs are fungible items, meaning that they can be traded on carbon markets. All ACCUs purchased by Carbon Bins however, are retired. Doing so reduces the supply of ACCUs from carbon markets, in turn forcing the demand for them upward – To satisfy this demand, ACCU suppliers plant more trees. More trees means more CO2 pollution is removed from our skies. CO2 Australia is helping Carbon Bins to make this happen.

We keep approx. 50 cents from all the $2 donations we receive to help us keep things running. As (approximately) $16 will purchase one ACCU (representing 1 tonne of carbon pollution removed), we can therefore say that the donation received via our bins helps to pay for the removal of approximately 94 kgs of carbon pollution from our atmosphere.


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