Carbon Bins was formed to make everyday action on climate change easy, accessible and straightforward.

Based out of Melbourne, we are a small not-for-profit association made up of individuals who want to improve our community’s capacity to act on climate change. The idea to create Carbon Bins emerged out of our shared concern for the climate crisis and a strong desire to leave behind a habitable planet for future generations. We bring creativity, expertise and insights from a range of professions.

As an incorporated association, profits cannot be distributed to members – they must be applied to the objectives of the association.

t willis

Dr Tim Willis,

Academic Lecturer
Australian Institute of Music

r enright

Ms Rebeca Enright,

Environmental Services Professional


Ms Marine Guillou,

Secretary, Trademarks Attorney


n tokita

Mr H. Nowaki

Director of McQueen Group
Financial Services

d milburn

Mr Dominic Milburn,

Founding Member,
Chief Technology Officer (CTO) 

IMG 6137

Mr Christopher Ewing

Founding Member, Program Manager (Landscape Restoration and Protection)