Big news!

15 September 2021 - Carbon Bins awarded $9,600 NAB Community Grant

Carbon Bins was awarded $9,600 by National Australia Bank as part of the coveted NAB Community Grant initiative. This injection of funds will permit carbon bins to grow their operation and purchase a further 15 electronic donation devices and install them in a further 15 locations around Melbourne. This means more people will be able to bin CO2 pollution.

8 September 2021 - We just paid to remove 65 tonnes of CO2 pollution from our atmosphere!

Thanks to your contributions, on September 8 we purchased 65 carbon credits (ACCUs), representing the removal of 65 tonnes of CO2 removed form our skies. The ACCUs were generated as part of the CO2 Australia Better Climate Project which is made up of mallee plantings integrated into farms across NSW in accordance with the Carbon Farming Initiative (Reforestation by Environmental or Mallee Plantings - FullCAM) Methodology Determination 2014 method. Full details of the project can be found here.